Monday, 17 May 2010

Is the Turner Prize getting old?

Now that this year's Turner Prize shortlist has been announced, Alastair Sooke of the Telegraph asks if the competition has 'slumped into middle age' as all the shortlisted artists are in their 40s.

Jonathan Jones of The Guardian thinks it is 'half baked'.

New Brewery Arts applauds ancient artists and half-baked schemes. Why should innovation be confined to the young? Oldies can be shocking too - see Picasso. Could it be that youth-centric society is looking in the wrong direction and missing a treat?
If the shortlist seems a bit tame this year, perhaps the selectors should look a bit further afield next year. There is a wealth of talent out there just waiting to be spotted.

Image: Dexter Dalwood "Death of David Kelly" 2010 Turner Prize shortlist