Friday, 14 August 2009

A fresh, new, all round 'art experience' for young people

Unfortunately, it seems that art is dwindling away as younger generations immerse themselves less and less into the exploration of art forms. New Brewery Arts opens up a window to an eclectic mix of food, art, and shopping as a way to get the public involved in art all over again.

Sitting at the desk in the gallery, which currently holds the New Brewery Arts OPEN competition, I find that hardly anyone younger than the age of 30 ventures in. I have no idea why, for the exhibit is fresh, explosive, and innovative. The first time I entered the gallery I was taken aback by the exquisite pieces it displayed. The exhibit boasted delicacies ranging from vibrant canvases to deep and penetrating photographs to tapestries. Each one unique in its design, but brought together by the theme of 'Crossings'.

So why should one leave the comfort of a warm bed, or the steady beat of a song resonating in your ears? Art is refreshing. It’s endlessly bursting the barriers of what is considered normal and branching out, eager to divulge a new part of life and bring new ones into existence. One feels a sense of wonder as one gazes upon the various exhibits, keen on exposing the multitude of secrets buried within. The New Brewery Arts OPEN exhibition is open to all and what is more - it’s free, something that I love - being a student and all. You can even interact with the art, as two of the pieces are films. As you meander through, take note of your favourite piece. You can vote for your favourite exhibit and the artist who wins this public choice award will win £500.

The gallery is open to all Monday – Saturday: 9am to 5pm and Sunday 10pm to 4pm. The exhibition ends 23 August, so get in quick before your chance to view these exquisite pieces fades away.

Bethany Haller

Image 1 by Tim Carroll in the NBA OPEN exhibition
Image 2 by Maurice Citron in the NBA OPEN

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