Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A close knit group

The first Friday of the month holds a woolly secret at Brewery Arts.

Each month a lively group armed with knitting patterns, wool and needles, ventures into the invigorating atmosphere of the Brewery Arts café.

There they sit, knit and chat, drinking freshly brewed cups of tea and every now and then sampling a tasty treat from the café’s selection of delectable delicacies. For over a year these knitting fanatics, ranging from beginners to 'dyed in the wool' experts, have made the journey to the café, 'adding on' new members every now and then.

If you are interested in joining, yet a little hesitant – 'cast off' your worries. The group is filled with warm people, delighted to accept new recruits into their ‘close knit’ community. Each constituent brings something fresh and intriguing to the group – a few have even teamed together to create several installations celebrating Darwin’s Bicentennial. One woman sat looking at a picture of a bat and started to procure the same animal from her needles - with no need of a pattern!

Come along next time (Friday, 2nd of October) and see for yourself how fun the group is. No experience is necessary, just pop on over to the New Brewery Arts café from 2 – 4 and see what you can bring to the group.

Bethany Haller

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